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BrightSign Network

BSN BrightSign Network subscription - 1 Year

Product Code: BSN1

Manufacturer: BrightSign

The fully-featured BrightSign Network software-as-a-service is a secure web-based application for complete network administration of all networked BrightSign media players.

A BrightSign Network subscription now includes BrightPlates - BrightSign's online template-based sign creation service for turnkey deployment of signage presentations and delivery of updates to networked BrightSign media players.

BSN1 is a 1-year subscription for 1 networked BrightSign media player.

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BSN BrightSign Network subscription - 1 Year

BrightSign Network is an affordable and scalable subscription-based hosted service, providing the complete infrastructure to serve and support your digital signage network. It makes delivering remote content to one or many units a breeze, and frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network.

BrightSign Network capabilities are user-accessible through two free applications: BrightAuthor PC software application and the BrightSign Network Web UI.


PC-based software application that provides BrightSign Network users access to network management and monitoring capabilities based on user assigned permissions as well as full access to presentation creation features, presentation publishing and scheduling.

BrightSign Network's Web UI

Web-based user interface - accessible from any Internet connected PC or Mac - provides user assigned access to your BrightSign Network allowing you to create user accounts, set user roles and permissions, manage and monitor networked units, and perform basic presentation creation, scheduling and publishing functions.

Click here to download the Brightsign Network datasheet pdf.

Secure, Scalable Hosted Service

  • Delivers the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your digital signage network
  • Frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network
  • Provides strong, reliable security using standard web technologies
  • Scalable service, ideal for any size network

Versatile Network Management

  • Schedule and distribute presentations
  • Monitor the activity and status of displays
  • Create groups and manage networked players
  • Perform network administrator functions
  • Assign user roles and permissions

Flexible Remote Access

  • Access your BrightSign Network through two free applications: BrightAuthor PC software application and the BrightSign Network Web UI
  • Permission-based, secure user logon automatically configures user interface based on assigned roles

Current Networking Enabled BrightSign models supported

  • LS423, HD223, HD1023, XD233, XD1033, XT243, XT1143

Legacy Networking Enabled BrightSign models supported

  • 4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142, XD232, XD1032, XD1132, HD222, HD1022, LS422, LS322, XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD220, HD1020, HD210, HD1010, AU320, TD1012.

Additional Networking Solutions

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  • Free Local Area Networking
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  • BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition
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